TuneUp UpdateWizard displays the message "The list of available updates could not be retrieved.”

There are a number of possible reasons why TuneUp UpdateWizard cannot retrieve the list of available updates. The following article gives you a list of possible causes and how to correct them.

Possible cause 1: You are not connected to the Internet

Please check to see if you can surf the Internet before performing the update check. If this is not the case, please select the connection type Start connection manually (using a dial-up connection) and click Next. Connect to the Internet as you usually due and then follow the instructions given to you by TuneUp UpdateWizard.

Possible cause 2: A firewall is blocking the connection

If you use a so-called personal firewall that gives you the option of allowing or denying each program access to the Internet individually, please check the firewall settings and allow all outgoing connections for TuneUp UpdateWizard.

To see if the problem is caused by your firewall, you can also temporarily deactivate the firewall while performing the update check. Please remember to reactivate the firewall after performing this test if you are not adequately protected from incoming connections by a network router or another firewall. There are so many viruses and worms floating around the Internet that even a few “unprotected” minutes on the Internet could cause damage to your computer.

Possible cause 3: The selected proxy settings are incorrect

If you need to use a proxy server to connect to websites and have not entered it in TuneUp UpdateWizard, the wizard may not be able to connect to our servers to download the list of available updates. Please take the following steps to correct this problem:

  • At the TuneUp Update Wizard start page, click on the button Proxy Settings.
  • If you are able to browse the Internet with Internet Explorer, select the option Use the Internet Explorer proxy settings.
  • If this option has already been selected and the search for available updates still does not work, you may need to set the proxy settings manually. Select the option Set proxy settings for TuneUp UpdateWizard manually and enter the address and port of your HTTP proxy in the corresponding fields.

If none of the solutions above are successful, try again later. The list of updates may be being updated at the moment.